In Texas most people will not qualify to have their arrest and criminal case expunged, but for those who do qualify, you should absolutely do so.  Only those individuals who have obtained a dismissal in their case without entering a guilty plea, or who have been acquitted by a not guilty verdict, or who have successfully resolved a Class C misdemeanor case may qualify to have their case expunged.

The legal effect of an expunction is that the case never happened, making it permissible to deny ever having been arrested or charged.  Maintaining a clean criminal record can be important regarding your employment, housing, and credit opportunities.  Further, a clean criminal record can affect the handling of any future accusations that may be brought against you.

If you do not qualify for an expunction you may still qualify to have your record sealed under an Order of Nondisclosure. An Order of Nondisclosure will prevent your case and any of the details from being disclosed to the public. While police, courts, and licensing agencies will still be able to see the case records, the general public, including employers and landlords will not have access to your case information.

The Hersom Law Firm has successfully assisted many of our clients in expunging their criminal record; let us help you.